Substantial Characteristics Of Full Assistance Automotive Repair Shops

One must understand the benefits that he can get to a full-serviced repair shop. In this way, he can also have peace of mind since he knows that his car is being well taken care of. On one way or another, the location is one best factor to be considered in availing any service of an auto shop. The automotive repair shops you must choose are the ones which are nearest on your house or workplace. There isn’t any sense if you hire some services elsewhere and patronize them without experiencing any convenience from it. Fuel is an expensive product that needs to be saved for the benefit of the car owner himself.

Automotive repair shops which offer complete set of maintenance and repair has an edge among the others. Computer diagnostic services are the most accurate type of procedure that a repair shop must have. It will be great if your car can avail any service from minor to major so you will not have a hard time to seek for other repair services that your car needs. Automotive repair shops that employ a qualified mechanic with the right experiences and trainings comes to be the best idea to make sure that the cars are being professionally crafted and repaired.

To ensure that the employee is the right one you are looking for, try to ask some proofs or documents that will support what he is claiming. Their qualifications must pass the National Automotive Service Excellence. A document that will prove that he has any relevant work experience with the industry is another way to check if he qualifies to be your mechanic. Choosing automotive repair shops are not as easy as picking out the color of your shirt or your ties. It need careful observation in order for you to be able to take care your car and maintain It to the fullest.

Wide range of parts and services should be possessed by the automotive repair shops as well. There are a lot of various types and brands of cars such as Lincoln, Chevrolet, Volkswagen, Lexus, Mercedes Benz, Ford, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Ferrari, and many others. They require a lot of different materials and tools as well as replacements so the repair service shop must be ready for this in order to have a mutual satisfaction between the shop and the customers.

The automotive repair shops should give out reasonable warranty on all their assistances. This will be greatly appreciated by the customers who pay. It will be another way of attracting more clients especially if the warranty will cover both labor and parts for a certain period of time. If you are targeting a shop with all these qualities, there’s no reason for you to back out. Guaranteed, your investments on your car will be worth it most especially when you got to work with friendly and hospitable employees of the particular repair service shop.

Marketing Strategies for Automotive Repair Shops

If you own a business and you want to invest for something new, it is best to choose for automotive repair shop especially if your current business is connected with this kind of industry. However, before engaging with this kind of business, you must know the proper marketing strategies first so that you can be at peace that what you are planning to invest will turn into success.

Nowadays, the industry of automotive is one of the most established businesses globally. Since every person worldwide use cars and other vehicles in their everyday life, the business for repairing their autos can secure your future.

As mentioned above, you need to know the marketing about this kind of business. Do not worry because these strategies are very easy to follow and carry out. Some of the most useful marketing strategies for your automotive repair shop are the word of mouth, direct mail, creating website or blog and press release.

The second marketing strategy is through direct mail. You can send postcards and mails within your neighborhood and this can help you promote your business with the possible clients that will soon need your services.

The third marketing strategy in this business is to create website or blog. Since the Internet is a place where almost people go to search and look for several things, you can also use it to promote your business. There a lot of individuals surf the net just to look for repair shops that can fix their cars. You can even write detailed information with regard to automobiles and even some reviews about it. With this way you can promote your business in bigger audience.

The last marketing strategy is through the use of press release. You can do it either off-line or on-line. When you do it off-line all you have to do is to write a good press release with regard to your business and send it to any local newspapers. With online, you also do the same and post it on your website or blog.

Automotive Repair Shop Recruiting Using Air Conditioning

There is a big debate whether you should grow up and be a white collar worker, or a blue-collar worker. Not long ago, I was sitting in a coffee shop that I was talking to a young lawyer who was obviously stressing out because he wasn’t making any money and worried about losing his job. He was talking with me, and an auto mechanic that owned a repair shop. The owner of repair shop was complaining that he had to pay his mechanics over $30 an hour or you couldn’t get anybody that was any good. The young lawyer noted that lately he’s been barely making $30 per hour.

Interestingly enough, most of the auto mechanics, have received their training for free from the companies they work at. While the lawyer had to spend nearly $100,000 going to law school and he has steep student loans. The lawyer drives a nicer car, has a Rolex Watch and wears nicer close to work, but he has fewer toys, less time to spend with his family, and he is hugely in debt unlike the auto mechanics that work for the auto repair shop owner that was discussing this with him.

The lawyer said he liked to work in an air-conditioned office and that was worth it to him. Then the auto repair person said that he uses air conditioning in his shops also, because it is a recruiting tool to get the top mechanics to come work in a shop rather than somewhere else.

He also noted that there has been a big shortage of car mechanics in the past and without the air-conditioning he probably couldn’t get anybody to work there, or least he couldn’t get the best mechanics in the area to work for him. In fact, he attributed much of this to the success of his automotive repair shop. Please consider all this.

Automotive Repair Shop Recruiting With Mobile Tool Sellers

If you own an automotive repair shop, the most important thing is to have all the top-notch mechanics of the area working in your shop, and not working for your competition. When you have the best mechanics you end up having the happiest clients, and the most referrals, and this helps your repair shop grow in size and in reputation. The reputation of an automobile repair shop is crucial to the success and longevity of enterprise.

Now then, how do you get the best mechanics to come work for you, how do you find them, and how you keep them working for you while other maintenance shops are constantly trying to recruit them? Here is one thing that a local car repair facility owner told me, he’d been in business over 30 years. He told me that he paid the mobile tool sellers a commission to help him find the best mechanics. He made sure that he had everyone out looking for him.

He also tied these commissions to the performance of the mechanic that came to work for him. For instance if the guy running the tool van brought him a good mechanic he would give them $1000. And if that mechanic was really good and stayed with him for six months he would give them another thousand dollars.

This meant that the mobile tool seller van guy could make free money just for keeping his eyes and ears open for disgruntled mechanics that wanted to go work for a better shop. The automobile repair shop owner also confided in me that before the recent economic fallout in the United States there was a huge shortage of mechanics, and he expects there to be another big shortage as soon as economy returns. Please consider all this.